Free Power Nap Relaxation Exercise 
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This is one of the most popular "Power Tools" on the planet for reducing your stress. 
Watch the short video then download the Power Nap (new brief version) and try it for yourself! 
Dr. Michael Olpin 

The Power Nap is not the same as taking a nap! Regular naps can actually make you feel more tired and groggy when you wake up, and most people do not have time to take one anyway. 

Research has shown shorter naps (10-20 minutes) are most beneficial.  Power Naps are short, and you don't fall asleep. (If you do, your body is telling you it needs more sleep.) 

Use this exercise to recharge your batteries or re-energize yourself before your evening’s activities. Experience a resurgence of energy, balance and centeredness. It is perfect for getting over that mid-afternoon slump.

If you need help falling asleep, this is one of the finest tools to help fix that problem. Make sure it’s the last thing you do before falling asleep at night.

Download The Power Nap For Free
Here's How

Click on the title of the exercise

To download each of the Guided Relaxation Exercises, click on the title of the exercise (see the red arrow below). It's best not to click on the play arrow. If you do it will start playing directly. Instead, you want to download it so that you can listen on your mobile device.

Click on the download button

When you click on the title, a new page will open that looks like the following image. Click the download icon. (The blue arrow points to the download icon.)  The audio file will download to your computer.

When it has downloaded to your computer, add it to your Smartphone, iPod, or other MP3 audio device so you can listen to it with headphones.
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